Monday, March 16, 2009

Inanimate Alice: Episode 5 by 7th pd.

Created by LaToya S., Theresa K., Diana M., Mitchell C., Angie E.


catherine said...

Excellent episode. I really like the way you pick up the Russian oil connection, and Alice falling for the son of the baddie. And the parents of both kids meeting up at McDonalds is really good! Very elegant black and white shots - a contrast to the colourful happy shot near the start of the Falls all lit up. Music sequence is excellent too. And that final still of dad's dead body - BRILLIANT.
Catherine, Ireland

Kate Pullinger said...

To everyone in both classes who contributed to this stories - as the writer behind 'Inanimate Alice', I wanted to tell you how much I love these stories! Well done, really fun and exciting and inspiring.

All best - Kate Pullinger

Anonymous said...

I really like this story. It brings together lots of common themes from the other episodes.
I am a teacher in Scotland working with 11 year olds. We will be writing our own episodes about Alice soon. I think the kids would love to watch your episode to help them get started. I hope that is ok.

BlueU said...

hileryjane - We'd love to have you look at our episodes. I'm just starting Inanimate Alice again with this year's 10th graders. We'd love to see your students' episodes when they're done!